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As a medical specialist in the lower extremity, our doctor provides a wide array of diagnostic and treatment options for foot and ankle disorders, trauma, and pain syndromes that affect adults and children. Below is a broad list of the more common conditions we treat. If you wish to learn more about any of these, simply click the highlighted names to link to specific explanatory articles. Should you feel a need for personal consultation or treatment, please contact us for an appointment. To help finance your care, we contract with Medicare, Medicaid, and essentially all other insurance companies.

MLS Laser Therapy

The newest technology in the office!  MLS Laser Therapy is a completely nonpainful noninvasive way to treat acute or chronic pain.  We use light waves to help stimulate the body’s natural healing potential. We are using it to treat many ailments of the foot and ankle, including plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, and tendonitis.


When you arrive at our office, if you have a bony or biomechanics problem, the doctor will likely order a weight-bearing x-ray of your foot and/or ankle.  A weight-bearing x-ray is important because it shows us what position the foot is in when you are standing/walking.  Many times, we find pathology on a weight-bearing x-ray that was missed when a non-weight-bearing film was performed previously.


Ultrasound technology is not just for fetuses!  Sonography is used for diagnosis of soft tissue injuries that are not visualized on x-rays.  If you have a sprain, strain, tear or even a foreign body within the foot, the doctor may recommend a diagnostic ultrasound to better evaluate the problem.  Sometimes it can be used therapeutically as well, to help guide an injection for pain relief.

Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics are often used to help improve your foot posture.  We employ the use of a digital scan of the feet to capture the intricacies of each foot as a 3-D image.  This can be a simple and long-term solution for your foot pain.

In-Office Minor Procedures

office proceduresOur procedure room is available for minor procedures including removal of ingrown toenails, minor hammertoe procedures, wart and other soft tissue excisions and foreign body/hardware removal procedures.

Foot and Ankle Surgery

foot and ankle surgeryIf conservative measures fail, surgical treatment may be right for you.  Dr. Wilde has extensive training in foot and ankle surgery and will choose the right procedure for you.  He takes special interest in arthroscopic surgery of the ankle and is the only provider in the area who is performing an arthroscopic stabilization of the ankle ligaments for unstable ankles.  He also performs bunion corrections, hammertoe correction, repair of tendons, reconstructive foot and ankle surgery and fixation of fractures. If it is below the knee, we treat it!

Acute and Late Effect Foot and Ankle Trauma

Sports injuries, Workers Comp injuries, Achilles tendinopathy and ruptures, fractures, sprains, lacerations of the foot and ankle, Chronic ankle instability, Chronic joint pain and degenerative arthritis.

Diabetic Foot Care

All phases of care, including circulatory and neurological monitoring, routine nail care, wound care, and Medicare approved diabetic shoes.

Child and Adult Gait Abnormalities

Acquired and congenital foot and leg deformities such as Flatfoot and Cavus foot, Equinovarus, and Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction – Conservative care, such as orthotic appliances, physical therapy, and corrective surgical options are available.

Skin Disorders

Including ingrown nailsfungal nails, routine nail care for the aged patient, athletes foot, plantar warts, allergic reactions, and primary skin diseases.

Still have Questions? If you desire further information about your specific condition, please ask a question via the form to the right, or click this link for a Comprehensive Library of Lower Extremity Conditions.